Emergency Maintenance Calls

On-call maintenance personnel are available 24 hours a day for emergencies only.
For emergency maintenance, please call: (207) 829-1177, leave your name, building name with apartment number, short description of the problem and your phone number. The on-call person will respond.

Non-emergency maintenance, please submit an online maintenance request on your Tenant Portal. If you do not know how to access your Tenant Portal, please contact Melissa at 207-577-5303 for assistance.

Emergency Vs. Non-Emergency:

Water leakage is an emergency. It not only affects your apartment but usually your neighbor below, please call the emergency pager immediately. Examples of emergencies: toilet overflowing, garbage disposal backing up & bathtub not draining. Slow draining is not an emergency but please submit a maintenance request after you have checked for hair, bottle caps, etc. covering your drain.

Electrical emergencies are also serious. Examples of emergencies are: refrigerator not working, any sparks you may see coming from an outlet or switch. If sparks are seen DO NOT try to unplug any appliance, T.V., etc. call the emergency pager immediately.

Door lock malfunctions are an emergency only if you cannot lock your door. Being locked out of your apartment due to loss of your is not. When you are locked out, please call Jamey or Melissa at the appropriate phone numbers.

Heating is considered an emergency on a case by case basis. But please call the emergency pager in all instances.