Important Resident Information


Snow Removal Schedules

Please see our Snow Removal, Sanding & Shoveling Page


Basements/Storage Areas

If you have property in any of these areas, be sure to clearly mark it with your name and apartment number. Any unmarked items will be removed and donated or disposed of. We hope that by cleaning out these areas we can make them more accessible. When placing belongings in these areas in the future please continue to mark them clearly with your name and apartment number as we will continue to maintain these areas, disposing of unmarked items as necessary.


We are working to beautify common areas and meet fire safety regulations. Please do your share by keeping hallways clear at all times. Hallways may not be used for storage or for trash/recycling bags or containers. A small and well organized place for boots/shoes is acceptable.

Resident Information

It is important that we keep current contact and vehicle information on all of our tenants. As mentioned above, any unidentifiable vehicle that remains in the lot during snow removal will need to be towed and we do not wish to do that.


Do you know someone who would make a good neighbor? We believe that word of mouth leads to the acquisition of great residents. We would like to reward you for spreading the word. For any referral that leads to a signed lease agreement at one our buildings would like to give you a fifty dollar credit. Please refer potential neighbors to Melissa at 577-5303 and make sure they mention your name.