Moving-out Procedures

You must give a written notice a minimum of thirty-days prior to your EXACT move-out date. This notice should be given by the 1st of your last month.

Please remember to forward your mail.

Fill out a change of address form or go to so that your mail may be forwarded.

Call Utilities for final bills.

We require that notification be given to the utility companies so that the tenant’s name(s) is taken off the account and the final payment may be made.

Be sure to complete the following:

Empty your ENTIRE apartment: remove all boxes, hangers, newspapers, etc. (Take bulky or large items to the dumpsters- if items are left in the hallway, trash room, or any other area the tenant will be charged $35/hour per man for removal.)

Help keep your security deposit intact and download our Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Return Keys

All keys including apartment keys, mailbox key and garage/gate openers must be turned by the date you are scheduled to vacate. Failure to return keys can result in loss of security deposit.

Moving-in Procedures

Schedule Move-In Date

Remember – your rent will begin on the day stated on your lease unless other arrangements are made. (Even if you move in at a later date).

Call utility companies to ensure service upon move-in. You may reach CMP (electric) at 800 888-8888. Heat is provided at all locations, so that there is no need to set up oil or gas service.

Rent must be paid in full  and all forms in the welcome packet signed before you may enter the apartment.