Safety and Security

Emergency Procedures

This plan is for use in case of a major incident such as fire, bomb threat, or medical emergency.


If you discover a fire:

Rescue – Get everyone out of fire area/room.
Confine – Close all doors as you exit. Close windows if possible.
Alert – Pull manual alarm to alert others.
Alarm – Call 911 from a safe area.
Evacuate – Proceed to nearest safe exit.

If you hear a fire alarm:
Confine – Close all doors and windows in room.
Evacuate – Go to the nearest safe exit.

If someone requires help (cannot walk, see or hear):

  • Ensure that they are responding.
  • Assist them to an area of refuge.
  • Be sure to inform fire crews as to the location of residents or employees who require help to evacuate.

Important Notes:

  • Dial 911 giving name, address, telephone number, and location of fire and if there are fire victims!
  • Do not prop hallway doors open.
  • Know where all exits are.
  • Do not attempt to extinguish the fire, unless manual alarm has been sounded first.
  • Confine! Isolate! Keep fire and smoke from spreading.